Miami, the party city. Sandy beaches, palm trees, a plethora of great food and tropical cocktails, and one drug kingpin demigod straight out of Japanese mythology.

I’m Chris Bateleur and I’m back in the middle of it all again, but this time in Florida. I’m starting to get a handle on my God given supernatural powers. Well, a little at least. Though, right out of the gate I stick my nose in the wrong place and get arrested. So, I’ve got that going for me. The upside is the tough DEA agent that arrested me is really cute, and a movie buff.

There’s a funky new drug down here that is making people perform some really bizarre activities. Think bath salts with the added benefit of superpowers. Jelena, the Marine Sniper with a bad attitude I hired back in New York, has my back again. The rest of the Covenant of Bishops are new to me but I’m confident I can win them over.

We are the typical team of supernaturally gifted heroes dedicated to defending the human race against the Tainted. The immortal scourge who have been the puppet masters of nearly every war and large-scale disaster since the beginning of time. No pressure.

Can I defeat the Tainted’s evil plans, win over the head of the Covenant, and capture the affections of my arresting federal agent? Yeah, honestly this could go either way. But it should be a fun ride.

“The Tainted Wars is the best kind of escapism. Pacy, action-packed and fun — strap yourself in.” — Mark Stay